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"Crimson Killing Intent"

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Episode Summary: The duel, which is a battle of two players between Kirito and Heathcliff is held at an arena where a large crowd is gathered. Asuna warns Kirito to be careful about fighting Heathcliff, as he has also a unique skill called Divine Blade, which grants him maximum strength and defense. Just as Kirito is about to deal the winning strike, Heathcliff mysteriously manages to dodge it and defeats Kirito. Now a member of the Knights of the Blood Oath, Kirito is questioned by Asuna about the reason for his strong aversion to joining guilds. After he confides in her about what happened to the Midnight Black Cats, Asuna comforts Kirito and says she will protect him. Later, Kirito is asked by a fellow member, Godfree, to follow him and a seemingly remorseful Kuradeel to the 55th floor dungeons for a skill assessment. As they stop for a break, Kirito notices too late that the water he and Godfrey drank causes a paralyzing effect. Kuradeel reveals that he is a member of the Laughing Coffin and he intends to kill both Godfree and Kirito, and kills Godfree. However, the latter is saved by the arrival of Asuna, who has tracked them on her map. Kuradeel surrenders to Asuna, but then attacked her by surprise. Kirito defends Asuna and kills Kuradeel. Later in Asuna's home, Kirito proposes marriage to Asuna.

38 Responses to “Sword Art Online Episode 10”

  1. andrew

    Sep 8th, 2012

    best anime!

  2. Shiro

    Sep 8th, 2012

    Dafuq. Did they do it? Did really do it?!

  3. Neo

    Sep 8th, 2012

    sucks u can’t kill player killer’s cause it’ll make u a murderer

  4. BlessingsXI

    Sep 8th, 2012

    Ina manner of speaking, yes, they did. In the novel, Asuna shows him a way to turn Ethics Mode off, then there’s a time skip. If you’ve never read the novel I highly suggest you do, it’s an amazing story.

  5. Nosile

    Sep 8th, 2012

    This has been the perfect amine that I’ve been looking for, I’m so happy that I’m watching it right now that I could cry. I just hope it goes on like this, with a happy, sweet, love ending, but i guest that would be too much to ask… or is it???

  6. username001

    Sep 9th, 2012

    Now all they need to do is get married and have children.
    xD I am so freaking funny.

  7. Sugoisan

    Sep 9th, 2012

    SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!!! no… Not me, the anime! THis was… a really good episode, As I seem to be saying a lot lately,. It is getting better each week.

    @username001^ How is that funny? Are you retarded? ITS DA TRUTH… Except for its a game and they can’t have kids.

  8. BlessingsXI

    Sep 9th, 2012

    You will see their daughter in the next episode if they keep going with the side stories in order.

  9. SetsunaFSeiei

    Sep 9th, 2012

    haha, well technically saying that’s true….
    though there is another way of getting a child…. hehe ^^
    let’s just look forward to the next episode ^^

  10. KuRialv

    Sep 9th, 2012

    if you read the novel, they did have a children, Yui!

  11. WoundedEagle

    Sep 9th, 2012

    So what if Kirito killed Kuradeel? He’s not as good as the legendary Batman. Batman could never bring himself to kill someone but we are not as good as Batman. So if we are forced to kill, we do it. Yes, I agree, killing is wrong. It is wrong in any way and a terrible thing to do. But we are all prone to kill. Just like the soldiers in the army who fight and kill in wars to protect their country, family, friends and loved ones…. wow…

  12. MahouHighPresident

    Sep 9th, 2012

    Can’t wait for episode 11..nahhXD

  13. username001

    Sep 9th, 2012

    Yea I know they did have Yui hence, found it ironic to be all like “getting married and having children”.

  14. Sousuke


    Sep 9th, 2012

    a best anime ever i can think now~

    hope will be top 1 for this years

  15. Rara

    Sep 9th, 2012

    where can i read the novel ?

  16. Moe-chan

    Sep 9th, 2012

    OMG!!!!!! they’re soooooooooooo CUTE together!!!!! <3~kyaaa~!!!! I really like them!!! :3 hihihihi Nice one Kirito-kun!!! <3

  17. crnr


    Sep 9th, 2012

    XD hahahahaha so I never thought I would saw “THAT” side of asuna

    ROFL ……….

    so in the there’s the marriage proposal
    damn it time please move faster let it be saturday already >.<

  18. WoundedEagle

    Sep 10th, 2012

    Btw, I thought his health could regenerate 600 points every 10 seconds? Moreover, no that he’s levelled up like 20 levels more, his health should regenerate like 900 every 10 seconds… right?

  19. Dennis


    Sep 10th, 2012

    before u rant on me or correct me, no i have not read the novel, but I think Kirito has just said the worst line in an action anime u could ever say, “let’s get married”. nothing good will ever come from that.

  20. vincent

    Oct 15th, 2012

    (jaw drop) i thought they will kiss in 7:57mins. but at the ending i never thought i would saw something like that. O_O”

  21. Cornerer

    Nov 28th, 2012

    Kirito lv. 96 …….

  22. zhagler

    Mar 12th, 2013

    Well no need to say much, the episode practically speaks for itself. lol

  23. Ken

    Mar 13th, 2013

    nice show!!

  24. yoshiiRamen

    Mar 17th, 2013


  25. AishaAyesha

    Mar 21st, 2013


  26. sellian

    Mar 22nd, 2013


  27. haidir

    Mar 23rd, 2013


  28. Axys

    Mar 25th, 2013


  29. Mirito

    Apr 2nd, 2013

    One of my most favourite anime’s of all time! Amazing soundtrack too.

  30. Syamixasd

    Apr 26th, 2013


  31. NoelAngel

    Nov 9th, 2013

    Dam he cheated death like 2 times? Im glad ^-^ they look perfect married couple dont they? I hope this stay number one top 10 anime forever this my 1st favorite anime

  32. P.Rican414

    Dec 29th, 2013

    trolled at 7:57

  33. spncryang

    Jan 21st, 2014


  34. Marielle

    Feb 23rd, 2014


  35. bluecharged91

    Apr 22nd, 2014


  36. niko

    Feb 11th, 2015


  37. Shemaru

    Mar 8th, 2015

    If i were in kirito place i wont thing twic about killing him not even a sacend of thinging i just wold finish him off right away i wild say killer must be killed or you be the next one whogot killed the strong live and the weak die so if you strong protect weak and kill evil like that killer or put him in the jail at last

  38. Emma Ice Flower

    Jun 12th, 2016

    I’ve seen this so many times but I still squeal at the end every single time and when they kiss

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