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"To the World Tree"

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Episode Summary: Suguha reminisces about how she started virtual reality gaming, and meets up with Recon's real-life persona, Shin'ichi Nagata. She informs him that she will be leaving their party to join Kirito. Later, she logs-in as Leafa and begins to lead Kirito to the World Tree, which stands in the center of Alfheim. However, before their departure, a member of Leafa's party, Sigurd, is disappointed that she "betrayed" her other members. Annoyed about how they treat Kirito, Leafa announces that Kirito is her new partner. Later during their travels, Kirito and Leafa arrive at a landing point, where they take turns logging out to refresh themselves. Meanwhile, Asuna learns from Oberon that Kirito is still alive, and secretly obtains the key code for her cage's lock.

23 Responses to “Sword Art Online Episode 18”

  1. Zempi

    Nov 3rd, 2012

    Sugoi! :p

  2. maikeru

    Nov 3rd, 2012

    im in love with this anime :)

  3. shinikage

    Nov 3rd, 2012

    the download version has no subs

  4. Nosile

    Nov 3rd, 2012

    Great episode cant wait for next one >.<

  5. Jackie Ma

    Nov 3rd, 2012

    im a jackie ma gangster

  6. ednando

    Nov 3rd, 2012


  7. KikoMarine

    Nov 4th, 2012

    why does that guy with Asuna keeps calling her Titania?? ( – A – “) This is not fairy tail……………….

  8. Agent287

    Nov 4th, 2012

    @KikoMarine: Titania is what you called “Queen of Fairies” or so what I heard. hehehe

    Leafa & Kirito siting in the tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. hehehe

  9. scarja

    Nov 4th, 2012

    who do you think you want kirito to end up? asuna o leafa? aha

  10. Xentaku

    Nov 4th, 2012

    Titania is Queen of the Fairies.

  11. crnr


    Nov 4th, 2012

    I just notice that name now the
    fairy queen titania XD

    oh great when it was just getting to the good part >.<

    why does it always annoy me
    I mean its suppose to be expected right???

  12. asasa

    Nov 4th, 2012

    just like in novel.haha,cant w8 again,

  13. shinikage

    Nov 4th, 2012

    since he is playing the part of the fairy king oberon

  14. draison

    Nov 4th, 2012

    this is getting disturbing. leafa and kirito are siblings, aren’t they?

  15. LIghtning

    Nov 5th, 2012

    Great instincts, Kirito. If there’s a ‘tracer’, then there’s bound to be some action again soon.

  16. Jamma

    Nov 10th, 2012

    Hope theres some awesome battle soon

  17. Jona

    Nov 18th, 2012

    I wish asuna and kirito be happy

  18. zhagler

    Mar 12th, 2013

    Love triangles always complicate things, but it’s obvious which one he loves more

  19. Ken

    Mar 13th, 2013

    oh no huay xim again that kitoro

  20. yoshiiRamen

    Mar 17th, 2013

    ahh the sister >.<

  21. wowabluecar

    Mar 21st, 2013


  22. haidir

    Mar 24th, 2013

    Really cool

  23. AtribecalledQ

    Sep 10th, 2013

    @draison they arent blood siblings, but they are still related since they are cousins. While not as disturbing as a brother-sister romance, its still messed since they are related. Couldnt they make one of them adopted or something instead of this? Honestly.

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