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"Grand Quest"

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Episode Summary: Upon hearing from Yui that Asuna is at the top of the World Tree, Kirito rushes up but finds it blocked by a barrier. Desperate, Yui calls out to Asuna, who hears her cry and throws down the administrator's key card, which Kirito catches. Resolving to get to Asuna's location, Kirito bids farewell to Leafa and embarks on the Grand Quest himself. Despite his best efforts, Kirito is overwhelmed and runs out of health. Shortly afterwards, Leafa enters the dome and grabs Kirito's flame, which contains his soul, before successfully escaping to revive him. Leafa attempts to talk Kirito out of re-entering the dome alone, but he remains determined. Upon discovering one another's identities, they log out. In the real world, Kazuto approaches Suguha, who reveals in great anguish that she has fallen in love with both of his identities and she knew they were not true siblings.

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  1. Zalpharx

    Dec 1st, 2012

    Last picture in the end, silver crow and black lotus swords, LOL

  2. Sousuke


    Dec 1st, 2012

    awesome episode this one!

  3. LOL

    Dec 1st, 2012

    if you see this ep. wait until the credits are over, youll see a pic of kirito and leafa holding swords that look like silver crow and black lotus from accel world!


    Dec 1st, 2012


  5. Chris

    Dec 1st, 2012

    Best fight scene and most emotional scene of the series in one episode! Best episode so far!!!!

  6. Renamar

    Dec 1st, 2012

    11:50 – Lol he so deid
    12:00 – waitwaht who throws sword at peple
    13:35 – Lol he deied
    14:30 – No waht r u doing stahp
    16:00 – FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-….

  7. Irooku


    Dec 1st, 2012

    The freaking fight was awesome, but i thought something like this might happen to Sugu. I feel so sorry for her, and the way how she found out was really bad to. poor Sugu =(

  8. joselito

    Dec 1st, 2012

    I didn’t see it

  9. Weismman

    Dec 2nd, 2012

    I wanna Cry :’( poor sugu

  10. PleaseBitchSlapSugou

    Dec 2nd, 2012

    Dem Silver Crow’s and Black Lotus’s sword. Sexy so much! They should put those swords in Accelworld :/

  11. Jamma

    Dec 2nd, 2012

    On ipad didnt see it, would imagine it being awesome. This episode was good, bit of action kinda progressing inch by inch

  12. LIghtning

    Dec 2nd, 2012

    Typical… that’s what happens when when gamers like Sugu TRY to fall in love in an online game.

  13. TeaDragon

    Dec 2nd, 2012

    I actually have tears in my eyes… such a good episode!

  14. TeaDragon

    Dec 2nd, 2012

    By the way…the pic can be seen in the ‘videonest’ mirror by mlkaan.

  15. crnr


    Dec 3rd, 2012

    The freaking fight was awesome

    But I always thought something like this will always be inhabitable

  16. Sugoisan

    Dec 3rd, 2012

    FREAKING EPICNESS! I was yelling at my screen the whole time! Oh and… Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPICNESS that was THE most epic anime episode I’ve seen in 2 years!

  17. majikako

    Dec 3rd, 2012


  18. Ironos

    Dec 3rd, 2012

    Purely amazing. Though I already knew this development, still feel bad for Suguha. Gotta love that fight though.

  19. Eronle

    Dec 3rd, 2012

    japanese and their incest fetish… disgusting

  20. zhagler

    Mar 12th, 2013

    another great episode

  21. Ken

    Mar 13th, 2013

    yeap nice

  22. yoshiiRamen

    Mar 17th, 2013


  23. wowabluecar

    Mar 21st, 2013


  24. sellian

    Mar 23rd, 2013


  25. Marcellino

    Jun 4th, 2013


  26. Godonlyknows

    Aug 23rd, 2014

    Lets Flahahahayha

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