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"Gilded Hero"

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Episode Summary: Arriving at the top of the World Tree, Kirito and Yui finally reunite with Asuna. However, they are suddenly hit by high gravity magic, which forces Yui to retreat, and they are confronted by Oberon. As Oberon reveals that his plans to control the human mind are almost complete, he chains Asuna and attempts to molest her in front of Kirito. Falling into despair, Kirito hears the voice of Akihiko, who encourages him to stand up and fight. Using Akihiko's administrative functions, Kirito removes Oberon's powers and challenges him to a fight with no pain absorption, showing him what true pain is, before destroying Oberon. After logging Asuna out to ensure her safety in the real world, Kirito meets with the remnant of Akihiko's memory, who gives him an item called "The Seed" before leaving.

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  1. Ragingfox


    Dec 15th, 2012


  2. kido

    Dec 15th, 2012

    Must watch this……

  3. cooltank99

    Dec 15th, 2012

    Awesome cant wait till 25 and i cant belive i was watching this half a year alredy!!!

  4. ConcernedGuy

    Dec 15th, 2012

    That was awesome!!! All this time I was concerned about Asuna! I’m so happy! hahaha

  5. ConcernedGuy

    Dec 15th, 2012

    but even though I’m the ConcernedGuy, I’m not concerned about Sugou at all.

  6. KVN

    Dec 15th, 2012

    Ahhh best episode finally can’t wait for next episode

  7. Wolfeboy

    Dec 15th, 2012

    best ep ever loved it

  8. Wolfeboy

    Dec 15th, 2012

    loved this ep plus i am so happy that asuna is back :)

  9. Devyn

    Dec 15th, 2012


  10. TeaDragon

    Dec 15th, 2012

    I’m a little bit disappointed…this episode is great but it could have been better.

  11. MasterXemnas

    Dec 15th, 2012

    gun gale online!!!!!!!!XD i cant wait for the third season :3

  12. Jackie Ma

    Dec 15th, 2012

    im a jackie ma gangster

  13. sugo

    Dec 15th, 2012

    sugo evil guy favourite charactor

  14. Jessie

    Dec 15th, 2012

    thank God they’re back together!!!! :D

  15. LynnBeloy

    Dec 16th, 2012

    I dunno what to say. I just cant wait for the 2nd season.

  16. Gahhh

    Dec 16th, 2012

    Given the results in sales, we can pretty much expect a 2nd season ^_^ , there is enough content to last through another 2 seasons though, like the Gun Gale Online arc, Mother’s rosario arc and even the alicization arc (best arc so far)

  17. BloodEagle

    Dec 16th, 2012

    Gun Gale Online here we come!!!

  18. WoundedEagle

    Dec 16th, 2012

    Wow, near the end, Kirito said it was so cold and look at what Suguha’s wearing: a short skirt. Her legs are probably freezing like ice now.

  19. LIghtning

    Dec 16th, 2012

    pretty much thought it was the ending until I saw the preview to the next episode

  20. crnr


    Dec 16th, 2012

    sogou has got to be the biggest pussy as a system administrator

    LOL being able to use an Admin ID is always a gamer’s dream I never thought it would be used like that

    GGO is about to come

    someone make it come faster >…<

  21. Abec

    Dec 16th, 2012

    I think A-1 Pictures should’ve drawn Kirito’s expression a lot more fierce and angry in this ep but anyways, great adaptation from the ALO chap 8 LN, especially the voice acting!

  22. Agent287

    Dec 17th, 2012

    Now I understand about Gun Gale Online rumor. hehehe. If that’s the case, they should change the name of this anime. hehehe

    I say this is the best episode. Although, I feel a bit pity on Sugou but still this is the best episode.

  23. Jamma

    Dec 17th, 2012

    Just beautiful

  24. Light

    Dec 20th, 2012

    Heathcliff! Ready to rescue!! yea GGO! LETS GO!

  25. crnr


    Dec 22nd, 2012

    its going to be a cold xmas if there’s no gonna be signs of S2

  26. Archell

    Jan 4th, 2013

    fap fap fap x100 LOL

  27. zhagler

    Mar 12th, 2013


  28. Ken

    Mar 13th, 2013


  29. yoshiiRamen

    Mar 17th, 2013

    almost done!

  30. wowabluecar

    Mar 21st, 2013


  31. sellian

    Mar 23rd, 2013


  32. Chia

    Apr 28th, 2013

    great anime

  33. Excalibur

    Jun 1st, 2013


  34. wow

    Feb 21st, 2014


  35. anon

    Mar 24th, 2014

    :D :D

  36. jjindda

    Dec 29th, 2014

    yo that sugou guy was the best char

    made the last 10 sappy episodes worth watching

    he made kirito into a cuckold

    too bad he died :(

  37. dylanadkins

    Nov 29th, 2015


  38. someguywatchinganime

    Aug 22nd, 2016

    he forgot to change the pain from 0 to 10 people will die like that…

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