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"The Red-Nosed Reindeer"

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36 Responses to “Sword Art Online Episode 3”

  1. Bitcndragon

    Jul 21st, 2012

    dang this show looks like it is going to progress to fast i was hoping it would be one of the ones that goes for like 60 eps

  2. AzaelAkai


    Jul 22nd, 2012

    Sadness :( Also @Bitcndragon, yeah i was hoping it would last up to 50 or even 100 episodes since their are 100 floors, but i guess it will end up being 12 or 20+ episodes :|

  3. Username001

    Jul 22nd, 2012

    @AzaelAkai 24 episodes.

  4. TeaDragon

    Jul 22nd, 2012

    I agree…the manga is progressing too fast too…I hoped the anime was different…but it’s still a good episode, it is just that it’s progressing too fast which is bugging me.

  5. Tales


    Jul 23rd, 2012

    Damn I actually teared up.

  6. Sugoisan

    Jul 23rd, 2012

    Since youguys are commenting … I guess I will too… WHAT THE FREAK?! if this anime gets any better I might have to drop it so that I won’t get depressed when it ends!

  7. crnr


    Jul 23rd, 2012

    @ username001 are u sure about the 24 episodes
    well atleast its not going to a 12 episode anime
    that could be a good thing but that does not meet my expectation of more than 50 + episodes >.<

  8. Moe-chan :3

    Jul 23rd, 2012

    >:T hmmmmmmmm………………….. I wonder when Asu-chan ( the blonde pretty girl he met in episode 2 ) will appear………. They make a nice team……….. and I feel sad when he blames himself for Sachi-chan’s death…… kyaaaaa~~ this anime ROCKS!!! <3 <3

  9. SugoiSan

    Jul 24th, 2012

    Its true what you all say. I agree that it should be going slower and they could easally get 50+ episodes out of it. and I also think it will just be another 24 ep anime. Its awesome though! Didn’t think GC would be topped so quickly.

  10. username001

    Jul 30th, 2012


    All these early episodes are the side stories in the Light Novels. The main story starts when Kirito does meet Asuna in the later levels of SAO.

    And the main story is pretty much AsunaXKirito all the way.

  11. estrillin

    Aug 5th, 2012

    saddest christmas song ever cried like a baby

  12. WoundedEagle

    Sep 10th, 2012

    This is the kind of anime I love, the ones that make me cry.. and have awesome fight scenes!

  13. akasuna

    Sep 15th, 2012

    The ending always make me fell like i want to cry. But i can’t. havent cried once since i was 5 and forgot how to.

  14. Butterflygirl

    Sep 23rd, 2012

    I love this anime so much :0
    I saw the recent episode and almost cried

  15. zhagler

    Mar 12th, 2013

    Agree it does feel a bit rushed, but atleast it keeps things interesting whereas they could have a bunch of eps that take forever to get to the point.

  16. Axys

    Mar 14th, 2013

    It’s interesting, and the fast-paced is nice, but being fast paced the series isn’t as long as I’d want it :/

  17. Kimo

    Mar 16th, 2013


  18. yoshiiRamen

    Mar 17th, 2013


  19. dreamer

    Mar 19th, 2013


  20. trooper

    Mar 19th, 2013


  21. aisha

    Mar 21st, 2013


  22. aisha

    Mar 21st, 2013

    I love this animee

  23. AishaAyesha

    Mar 21st, 2013


  24. sellian

    Mar 22nd, 2013


  25. GoldCharizerd

    Mar 23rd, 2013


  26. SoulSpirit

    Apr 5th, 2013

    Kirito’s coat is so frikkin cool…

  27. wullythegod

    May 1st, 2013


  28. Steve

    Jun 17th, 2013

    best anime :D

  29. joslynn

    Jul 12th, 2013


  30. joslynn

    Jul 12th, 2013


  31. joslynn

    Jul 13th, 2013

    This is so bad that I have to struggle to downlaod.

  32. joslynn

    Jul 13th, 2013

    Do I have to leave another comment?

  33. tsukster

    Jul 17th, 2013

    great anime

  34. mynameyusuf

    Aug 4th, 2013

    Is that so?

  35. P.Rican414

    Dec 29th, 2013

    Let out some man tears

  36. Shemaru

    Mar 8th, 2015

    The season 1 and season 2 well last for 55 episode and ther also season 3 well come out soon maby 2016 or so maby not

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