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"Pursuer of Death"
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Episode Summary: Before Death Gun could shoot Sinon, he is interrupted by Kirito, who shoots him in the shoulder with a sniper rifle and then throws a smoke grenade, which forces him to retreat. Kirito then grabs the stunned Sinon and flees to a nearby buggy and horse rental point. While commandeering a buggy, he orders Sinon to shoot the only functional mechanical horse to make it unusable. However, Sinon is unable to exert force on the trigger, and Death Gun catches up and takes control of the mechanical horse. During the subsequent chase, Death Gun fires at Kirito and Sinon with his pistol, terrifying the latter. When Sinon tries to shoot at Death Gun, Kirito is forced to help her pull the trigger. Though the shot misses Death Gun, it hits the fuel tank of a truck, which explodes and forces Death Gun to abandon his horse, allowing Kirito and Sinon to escape. The two then drive into the desert, where they find a cave that they hide in to avoid the next satellite scan. Inside, both Sinon and Kirito confide to each other that they have killed someone in the past.

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