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"The Meaning of Strength"
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Episode Summary: After hearing that Kirito had killed people in SAO, Sinon asks him how he was able to overcome the memories of the people he killed, but Kirito reveals that he didn't overcome them, instead accepting the weight of them, since it was all he could do to atone for his actions. Then, while thinking about how Death Gun was able to stop the heart of players by shooting them in the game, Kirito realizes that Death Gun did not shoot him with the pistol, but with the sniper instead. Based on this, Kirito deduces that Death Gun had to make preparations in real life to be able to kill the players with his pistol, and that he could've seen players putting their real-life details in the General Governor's Office since it was an open space and the terminals did not offer much privacy. Kirito then brings up the idea that Death Gun could have used his mantle to spy on other players without being noticed. After some thinking, Kirito realizes that Death Gun was actually two people: one shoots the player in-game, the other kills the player in real life by injecting them with a lethal drug. Meanwhile, Kikuoka Seijiro logs onto ALO as Chrysheight under Asuna's request and, after Yui reveals all the information on the incident that she had gathered, Chrysheight explains the situation to Asuna and the others. Asuna then requests Kazuto's whereabouts and decides to go to him in real life. Back in GGO, Kirito and Sinon decide on a course of action and are surprised to find out that they were being filmed by one of the cameras.

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  1. churd

    Sep 13th, 2014

    i’m first omfg

  2. Kieroni

    Sep 13th, 2014

    Four minutes ago! Woo!

  3. kaapkolonie

    Sep 13th, 2014

    nice episode and about the guys name (sterben) does’nt that mean dying in german. i guess it was just that Obvious but nobody noticed it till now

  4. OldLibrarian

    Sep 13th, 2014


  5. erikh

    Sep 13th, 2014

    boooooooooooooorinngggg~~~~~~~~ -.-

  6. basoka

    Sep 13th, 2014

    if you notice kirito always watching sinon butt lol

  7. wolfeboy

    Sep 13th, 2014

    Dat ass

  8. raditholic

    Sep 13th, 2014

    next episode will be awesome!!!!!

  9. bolticxxx

    Sep 13th, 2014

    This episode kinda boring…. but it kinda gives me the suspend again…. damn…. argh…..
    The next episode sure will be quite interesting…..^^

  10. ReDHaZexXxHaZeL

    Sep 13th, 2014

    :3 ummf DL

  11. klamens

    Sep 13th, 2014

    death gun is fake

  12. TrollDxD


    Sep 13th, 2014

    Lovin’ Sinon’s ass crack there Kirito?

  13. stingthegreat


    Sep 13th, 2014

    i want sinon BUTT!!!!!!!!

  14. Pikachoo

    Sep 14th, 2014

    Yup, another boring a$$ episode…. but not Sinnon’s…. hehe

  15. Magus

    Sep 14th, 2014

    yes, “sterben” is german and means to die

  16. crnr


    Sep 14th, 2014

    damn those mind breaking cliffhangers >.<

  17. lmBernie

    Sep 14th, 2014


  18. afuriouspenguin

    Sep 14th, 2014

    what a fucking retarded ass plan… why not just have kirito log out and send the fucking police to her place??? seriously even if Sinon doesnt end up getting killed, the killer will get away. this is some lazy as fucking writing… aaaaaaaaah

  19. ZGKHAN

    Sep 15th, 2014

    great anime bro

  20. Rytn

    Sep 15th, 2014

    Everyone loving Kirito really needs to stop.
    If I was any of the characters I wouldn’t be happy that Kirito ran off into GGO and be angry at the man who hired him.
    Kirito was foolish to play solo, as was Asuna being okay with him checking it out for a government guy. She literally didn’t ask any questions.

    This whole unconditional love and acceptance for him bothers me so much. I want real characters, not cardboard cut outs.

  21. danny nguyen

    Sep 19th, 2014

    Thank you!

  22. PinkClaudia35

    Sep 19th, 2014

    Kirito can’t log out because the tournament is still going. They can log out only if the pulse is really high or if breathing is really short. Like some health warning system so any time something is wrong with the player’s health there’s an emergency log out. Duuh.. It was explained some where before

  23. PinkClaudia35

    Sep 19th, 2014

    BoB not tournament, sorry.

  24. Kq

    Sep 19th, 2014

    I hope they finish off GGO good, because all of my hopes lie on weather or not they animate the next arc, “Alicization”, as that would be totally badass.
    Not going to spoil anything, but the next arc is the SAO series would be easily ~50 eps long (going by the Novel Length) and is by far the best story I have ever seen/read in my years.

  25. Shirikun

    Sep 29th, 2014

    Explosion to my eyes O.O

  26. Kumogani


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