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"A Small Step"
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Episode Summary: While Kazuto tries to defend himself against Kyōji, he leaves an opening for the latter to attempt to inject him with the poison used to kill Death Gun's victims. Shino then knocks Kyōji out with a stereo before checking on Kazuto's condition, and finds that there was an electrode stuck to the part of his chest where Kyōji had tried to inject him, which protected him against the syringe. Several days later, Endou calls out to Shino, from whom she tries to demand money. When Shino refuses, Endou takes out a model gun and threatens her. However, when she unsuccessfully tries to fire it, Shino takes the gun from Endou and shows her that the safety needed to be disabled to fire, then shoots a can with it before returning it back to Endou. Shino is then picked up by Kazuto, who takes her to meet with Kikuoka to report on the Death Gun incident. During the report, it is revealed that the third conspirator in the Death Gun murders, another SAO survivor named Johnny Black, escaped while Kyōji and XaXa (who was Kyōji's brother) were both institutionalized. After that, Kazuto takes Shino to the Dicey Cafe, where he introduces her to Asuna and Rika (Lisbeth). Kazuto then reveals that he had told the two girls about Shino's past and explains that he had them help him find a certain person that she should meet. The person is revealed to have been a woman, named Sachie Oosawa, who was working at the post office during the robbery. Sachie thanks Shino for saving her life and tells her that she was pregnant at the time, so Shino had also saved the life of her daughter, Mizue. Kazuto then explains that he wants Shino to think about the people that she had saved by killing the robber and thus be able to forgive herself for it. As a result, Shino bursts into tears of happiness.

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  1. basoka

    Oct 4th, 2014

    oh yeah finally guys

  2. wolfeboy

    Oct 4th, 2014

    Hell yeah

  3. Shirikun

    Oct 4th, 2014

    Finally ^_^ KATSU!!

  4. AlucardsBest

    Oct 4th, 2014

    It’d be nice to see the Knights Of The Blood Oath again

  5. kaapkolonie

    Oct 4th, 2014

    there;s 1 deathgun left do i doubt he can do much on his own. it will probably end up as another street mugging just like at the end of the aol arc. now that that’s out of my system i gotta say this episode was entirely to emotional for my taste i hope we get to see some more action soon

  6. Frank

    Oct 4th, 2014

    They´ll be trapped in something like SAO again, I guarantee it

  7. Suitai

    Oct 4th, 2014

    yay finally

  8. Kq

    Oct 4th, 2014

    Not spoiling anything; but the best is yet to come, I promise you. The “Alicization Arc” is longer than Aincrad, ALO, and GGO combined, and is by FAR the best of the 3 in the LN.
    Keep your expectations high, you won’t be disappointed! :)

  9. AndreSafira

    Oct 4th, 2014

    KIrito said Asuna and Liz were his friedns…Asuna you just got FriendZoned bitch

  10. Haddy

    Oct 4th, 2014

    i trust you Kq! :P

  11. Voidsoul

    Oct 4th, 2014

    he got his ass beat by that little faggot at the start? fuck this im done

  12. iMini

    Oct 4th, 2014

    Oh god the feels. Great Episode *v*

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    i’ve been waiting to this!

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    i laughed when she handed her the drawing

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