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"Memories of Fresh Blood"
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Episode Summary: While walking home, Shino Asada, Sinon's real-life counterpart, is bullied by three schoolmates, led by Endou, but they are warded away by her friend Kyōji Shinkawa, who introduced her to GGO in the first place, as a form of immersion therapy for her fear of guns. After talking about their personal lives, Shino leaves for home. There, she tries holding a gun replica, but this induces a flashback to when she was eleven years old; while she was at a postal office with her mother, a man carrying a gun tried to rob the office, shooting an employee and threatening to kill other people. When the robber aimed his gun at her mother, Shino attacked him, wrestled the gun out of his hand, and shot him repeatedly, killing him. The flashback triggers a panic attack from Shino. Meanwhile, Kirito informs Asuna that he will be converting his ALO avatar to GGO, which surprises her, but she approves. As Kazuto, he goes to the hospital to log into GGO, while his real-life body will be watched by Aki Natsuki, a nurse who oversaw his condition while he was trapped in SAO. Shino logs into GGO as well. Meanwhile, Death Gun overhears an online voice-chat discussing Death Gun before looking at a photo of Sinon, grinning.

21 Responses to “Sword Art Online II Episode 3”

  1. lurkingbad

    Jul 19th, 2014

    i heard this is the best anime of the year that why i’m here …

  2. basoka

    Jul 19th, 2014

    hell yeah this is what i am waiting for it :)

  3. Sotike

    Jul 19th, 2014

    Lamest fear I have ever seen. She prevented further victims and she is somehow looked down for doing so? Japan and their anti-gun laws. Yeah, this series went to the mainstream sewer. Pri Para had more twists than this anime. This easily does not deserve anime of the year. Wouldn’t be surprised though if it did cause casuals :)

  4. soulsociety

    Jul 19th, 2014

    I don’t think she was looked down upon for what she did, but instead what she did shocked herself and all around her especially her mother who just watched her daughter murder a human being. Be that person a murderer he is still a person. along with that to have seen her daughter kill a person so soon after the fathers death, it must have been very shocking. and imagine how scared you would be at that age ,if you saw a person murder another. Then to top it all off murder the attacker the same way he murdered the other. I could only imagine how distraught the mother must have been after the death of her husband, then to see herr only child stain their hands with blood while she sat and did nothing.

  5. soulsociety

    Jul 19th, 2014

    plus its only the third episode anyway.

  6. animeloversp

    Jul 19th, 2014

    What sort of dumbass points the gun at himself when trying to take it from someone….

  7. samuraisone

    Jul 19th, 2014

    Link Start

  8. Demos

    Jul 19th, 2014

    No action in this ep … its a shame

  9. ManWithKnife

    Jul 19th, 2014

    back story episode. still Thanks

  10. Kirito

    Jul 19th, 2014

    cool,keep it up

  11. Karna

    Jul 19th, 2014


  12. godslayer


    Jul 19th, 2014

    l bet that deathgun is the guy shino met

  13. Pikachoo

    Jul 19th, 2014

    this was boring but at least I hope they don’t do anymore backstory on her since she’ll just be another girl who’ll fall in love with Kirito later on anyways… I mean COME ONE!!!! 3 episodes has pass and he haven’t even logged into GGO yet

  14. crnr


    Jul 19th, 2014

    playing GGO with that kind of phobia huh nice therapy XD
    I wonder why I feel I’ve already seen death gun’s face >..<
    Next Time

  15. GURUu

    Jul 19th, 2014

    Dat nurse is like dat ass.

  16. olympus

    Jul 19th, 2014

    hmm I call that Nurse Rape when he logs in. (“I saw everithing already”) hmm ( . ) ( . ) :D

  17. lumier

    Jul 19th, 2014

    I dont want to spoil the fun but GGO i meant to be about mainli of sinon and her story and the help she got from kirito to recover from her trauma so if you expect some masive gun action like it was in arcrad with swortds then you wont get it, its a story where kirito with the helpof sinon get down deathgun and meanwhile help her wit her trauma from the past

  18. Regnier


    Jul 20th, 2014

    Sotike- I have been held up at gunpoint along with my cousin and uncle. needless to say it isn’t easy getting over an experience like that. it is called bullying and it happens in the US too, she isn’t being looked down upon by those girls. soulsociety is right in saying what they said. It is a traumatic experience and taking another human beings life is not something i could imagine doing. That being said Sotike if you are going to say something as a ballsy as what you just said at least create an account and link it to your comment so that you can debate it.

    The anti gun laws actually work and statistics show it. In a small island that is overpopulated (in certain areas) there would be way more deaths due to gun related incidents including accidental discharge and homicide. Soo before you talk big make sure to back it up.

    Pri Para is not an anime that i could get into (I am not mainstream). The artwork doesn’t do it for me and the accents they use are too childish (this is of course my own opinion and I haven’t been able to watch a full episode with out being overwhelmed)

    This being said SAO 2 is really slow on the start up but it creating an in depth back story so the story line should progress fairly well once it picks up. I can not wait to see more of this

  19. hidiousboy


    Jul 22nd, 2014

    I have a feeling there’s gonna be a doujinshi from this ep.

  20. soulsociety

    Jul 23rd, 2014

    +hidiousboy I don’t even have to Google it to know that their is a doujin of it. its called the internet and its worldwide, that said about 70-80% of it is porn. so basically 70-80% of earth is porn. lol their is porn of everything. want Sesame Street Yaoi/Yuri SURE you want Barbie S&M SURE you want two girls one cup SURE, hell if two girls one cup exists then i am positive that there is a porn of everything LMAO

    Just commenting this cuz ima bored

  21. Kumogani


    Nov 9th, 2014


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