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"Gun Gale Online"
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Episode Summary: Kirito logs into GGO, but becomes baffled as to why his avatar has long hair and feminine qualities. These attributes lead to all of the male players mistaking him for a girl. Without many leads on how to reveal himself to Death Gun, Kirito wanders around the city until he spots Sinon. He explains to her that he wants to find directions to the General Governor's Office to sign up for BoB "(Bullet of Bullets バレット・オブ・バレッツ, Baretto Obu Barettsu)", an intense PvP game mode. Mistaking him for a girl as well, Sinon directs Kirito towards a market to buy weaponry and armor. However, being out of cash, Kirito participates in an arcade game, "Untouchable", an extremely difficult QuickDraw game where the player must dodge the bullets fired from an NPC and then tag him to receive all of the credits placed in for bets. Sinon warns him the game is rigged, but after witnessing a player fail to win the game, Kirito decides to participate. Using the agility and training he acquired from his previous experiences in ALO (Alfheim Online), he is able to dodge all of the bullets and win all of the earnings, which surprises Sinon and other onlookers. Back at the weapon shop, Kirito mulls over the better weapons with the aid of Sinon, and decides to purchase an energy sword called a Photon Sword, then an FN Five-seven at Sinon's request. Back outside, Sinon realizes they only have ten minutes to get to the General Governor's Office and sign up for BoB, but Kirito spots a buggy station and commandeers one of the buggies, taking himself and Sinon to the Office down a highway. Impressed and exhilarated with his driving abilities, Sinon tells Kirito to go faster.

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    Jul 26th, 2014

    Beep Boop

  3. mlprainbowdash


    Jul 26th, 2014

    Awesome :3

  4. Typ

    Jul 26th, 2014

    Okay what, we got Gun selection and a Bike tour????
    thats the Episode and don’t forget femal looking Kirito…. wow that was lame….

  5. MiranaSilvermoon

    Jul 26th, 2014

    Female Kirito’s voice should be more girlish, feminime and cute

  6. MiranaSilvermoon

    Jul 26th, 2014

    And that’s TRAP

  7. raditholic

    Jul 26th, 2014

    What a great episode, i really want to see the next episode. And that trap is so kawai :3

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    Jul 26th, 2014

    intresting story now :)

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    Jul 26th, 2014


    Next episode I’m hoping to see the changing scene and the first bullet blocked with a sword in game lol, or it may come the ep after

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    Jul 26th, 2014

    don’t give away future parts of the story…..

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    ahhh so happy, sinon was laughing and smiling * u*

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    hes a jedi master now

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    LOL JEDI power!!

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    Jul 26th, 2014

    LOL light saber ??? really???
    the next ep better have some jedi action in it XD
    unfortunately there no actual combat this ep

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    hmm The Force is Strong in that Trap, xdd :D

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    Super snips

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    Kirito the Jedi Master who trains who???

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    I luv SAO1 N 2!!!

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