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"Crimson Memories"
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Episode Summary: At the Kirigaya residence, Suguha shows Kazuto a news article about the participants of the BoB tournament, among which was Kirito's name. Although Kazuto tries to hide the fact that he converted his avatar to GGO, Suguha tells him that she already found out from Asuna. After a flashback of Kazuto's talk with Asuna the previous day, Suguha tells him that she is worried due to Kazuto having a frightening expression when he returned home last night. Kazuto then calms Suguha down by promising that he would return. Meanwhile, Sinon vents her anger about Kirito to Kyōji, who then tells her that she isn't acting like her normal self and, after a short conversation, tries to hug her, but is rejected by her. At the hospital, after seeing that Kazuto was troubled by something, Aki offers a free counseling session. When Kazuto tells her about how he killed the Laughing Coffin members in SAO, she tells him that she cannot help him with that burden, but reminds him that he killed them in order to protect others. After calming down, Kazuto logs into GGO. Meanwhile, in Alfheim Online, after completing a boss fight, Asuna, Leafa (Suguha), Klein, Lisbeth, and Silica get ready to watch the broadcast of the BoB tournament. In GGO, Sinon meets Kirito at the General Governor's Office, and they tell each other that they will not lose.

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  1. basoka

    Aug 16th, 2014

    finally is here

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    Aug 16th, 2014

    The for the upload :3

  5. newbie

    Aug 16th, 2014

    only waiting for this anime

  6. animeloversp

    Aug 16th, 2014

    sugu <3 lol

  7. dudewithdog

    Aug 16th, 2014

    Can’t wait to download. One of the best shows at the moment!

  8. zife


    Aug 16th, 2014

    this ep sucked… i feel bad for shinkawa he just going turn into another a-hole cuz no other guy on this anime gets the girl -_-

  9. Greysonv

    Aug 16th, 2014

    Just shut up and watch ass wad Zife.

  10. shadowxsx


    Aug 16th, 2014

    Awe poor action junkies, there is story in this episode…. Too bad for you anime often tells a story and there are times it does suck with things that have absolutely nothing to do with the story called fillers, yet some actually do them to tell a little more story than in the manga. Guess some would complain about an “action movie” if they told the main characters back story like every movie I can think of. Never have I seen a movie that is nothing but action, there is usually some story involved

  11. Frank

    Aug 16th, 2014


    Who the fuck complained about this episode? :D

  12. samuraisone

    Aug 16th, 2014

    that nurse is hot

  13. bolticxxx

    Aug 16th, 2014

    what the hell???
    why is it always like that?
    so much suspension…..

  14. sting

    Aug 16th, 2014

    there lot of complained later..trust me…SAO sure get lot of hater…dont know why….this anime good for me

  15. crnr


    Aug 16th, 2014

    there it is the good ol cliff hanger XD
    when ur watching good anime like this u’ll need to learn to live with all the suspense of waiting for a week to get another EP XD

  16. razerchuk

    Aug 18th, 2014

    That episode was astoundingly boring.

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