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"A Parting in the Rain"
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Episode Summary: The episode starts with Yuri's memory in which Ameri and Yuri promised to be together forever and this leaves him disturbed. After Nue sees how weak Mashiro and Yuri are, she reveals that she is actually the weakest of the "three strongest" and that Yuri and Mashiro cannot defeat the other two in their current state. Meanwhile, it is show that tayutai's are feeding off of human spiritual energy. In the midst of all this happening, Mashiro notices that Ameri likes Yuri and attempts to tell Yuri about it. Shocked by the possibility, Yuri decides to confront Ameri about her feelings as she responds by running away from him still mad about Yuri's affection towards Mashiro. Later on Ameri is confronted by a Tayutai, as she was recognized having strong spiritual energy as the confrontation ends with the screen blacking out. The next day an energetic Ameri apologizes to Yuri for their last encounter and says that 'it will all be over soon'. Simultaneously, the Dragon's appearance causes everyone at school to freeze in time. As Nue escapes, Mashio and Yuri attempt to fight the dragon, which results in Yuri somehow losing all of his powers. Just when almost all hope is lost, Yuri suddenly regains his powers and manages to saves Mashiro. While he gets a glimpse of Ameri with bat-like wings, he faints. Both Yuri and Mashiro wake up in the nurses office surrounded by the rest of the cast, it appears that Mashiro is weakened, thus turning back into her child-like form.

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