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"You Are Someone Who Ought to Survive"
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Episode Summary: The episode begins as Yoko comments on Nia's new attitude before Nia departs. The scene then cuts to a year earlier, as Yoko becomes a schoolteacher on an island under the name "Miss Yomako" to hide her identity. Her sweet demeanor gains an immediate impression on the students. During her stay here, she and her children undergo many adventures, including helping a boy get down from a tree. She is updated on the situation on the mainland, and receives a message from Rossiu to get on the mainland quickly to board the Arc-Gurren. However, the island is assaulted by two rogue Beastmen, who kidnapped a young girl atuck in a lighthouse and destroy the school. Yoko is forced to unveil her combat skills to save the girl. Yoko then returns to the mainland and frees both Simon and, at Simon's insitence, Viral. Simon meets the assembled Team Dai-Gurren outside the prison, where Kittan gives Simon the Core Drill. Leite then unveils the repaired and upgraded Gunmen, and Simon asks Viral to be the pilot of the Gurren, which Viral accepts. In space, the Arc-Gurren is attacked by a surprise Anti-Spiral force, and the Spiral energy of the Arc-Gurren is failing due to the fear of the occupants on board. The Gurren Lagann then arrives and unleashes a massive burst of Spiral Energy, as Simon and Viral declare themselves.

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