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Episode Summary: While playing his recently bought dating sim games, Keima plays one called "One Leaf". At first, he assumes it's a terrible game due to it's horrible character design but quickly falls in love with its heroine, Yotsuba Sugimoto, aka "Yokkyun", as she is his ideal game heroine. Keima enjoys the game so much, that he decides to play it at a slow pace, ignoring everyone throughout the whole day much to Elsie's chargin and Haqua's confusion. Later that night, Keima receives an email from the game studio that created "One Leaf", who asks Keima to help them create the perfect dating sim game under his direction. As Keima think of ideas for the game, his inner minds soon starts arguing over what is the ideal and perfect dating sim which leads to an intergalatic war. But the war finally stops when all of them remember about Yokkyun and what is important that makes the perfect dating sim game. Finally making a decision, Keima decides to tell the studio to just make a good game. As the season finale come to an end, including a preview of the new cast of heroines for Keima in the next season, Keima ends the episode saying he used to think games were the ideal world and real life was just a bad game. But after learning that a perfect world can be found in a bad game, then he can also find it in real life as well.

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  1. PhionixdaXIII

    Sep 6th, 2012

    Season 3 soon!

  2. Ahmcarsh

    Nov 13th, 2012

    when will season 3 come out??

  3. Animewatcher

    Feb 3rd, 2013

    So good anime… I couldn’t find anything INTERESTING to watch until I run on to this anime… Now the question is when there will be third season????

  4. Were-ram

    Mar 8th, 2013

    as much as i say “patience is a virtue” i have to agree with everyone else….
    WHERE THE HELL (hehe demon refrence by accident) IS SEASON 3?!?!?!

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