The World God Only Knows III Episode 1 English Subbed

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33 Responses to “The World God Only Knows III Episode 1”

  1. Onglie


    Jul 8th, 2013

    finaly season 3

  2. oculargraphix

    Jul 8th, 2013


  3. Anemois

    Jul 8th, 2013

    aww they arent going to show the conquest of all the goddesses that was like the best part leading up to this arc

  4. coleT

    Jul 8th, 2013

    wow , just as I like, waiting for next episode!!!:D

  5. champ

    Jul 8th, 2013

    welcome back kami sama

  6. Frindlen

    Jul 8th, 2013


  7. Frindlen

    Jul 8th, 2013


  8. InterCaption

    Jul 8th, 2013

    Aww finally season 3

  9. Moldie

    Jul 9th, 2013


  10. rolen

    Jul 9th, 2013

    Woowoooqo……. season 3 please release another episode okay i cant wait it

  11. kiritoxasuna


    Jul 9th, 2013


  12. JKroxas

    Jul 9th, 2013

    hemm i havent watch the girl who change to an doll, but its great that katsuragi have return. cant wait for the next episode

  13. Avanza

    Jul 9th, 2013


  14. Xkirito

    Jul 9th, 2013


  15. Jas

    Jul 9th, 2013

    Yes!! TWGOK3 is back!!! Yehey!!

  16. gangers

    Jul 9th, 2013

    sweet its back. i gotta say i would so be happy if i was him since some/all of the girls will get there memories back. although knowing how he is he just wont even try to go out with any of them…..sham

  17. kiritoxasuna


    Jul 9th, 2013


  18. rolen

    Jul 10th, 2013

    C’mon please another episode please i can’t wait it…….

  19. crnr


    Jul 10th, 2013

    holy shit its just episode 1 but its so god damn intense already >.< I love u keima-sama

  20. Ushiyama-Sensei

    Jul 10th, 2013

    The Megami Saga Begin

  21. Agent287

    Jul 11th, 2013

    That sure is a short story for the non-Goddess conquest. Anyway, this is like Reconquest Season and I like. (Although, I wat to see more details on Yui and Tsukiyo, hehehe.)

  22. kate

    Jul 11th, 2013

    yes finaly season 3 >.< and that ending D: this season looks way better then the others o3o seems like its gonna have action and love and instead of just love xD i wonder is he gonna turn into a angel or something like the opening

  23. Damn

    Jul 15th, 2013

    when it gonna be episode 2 (^o^)

  24. NikFaiz

    Jul 17th, 2013


  25. NarDog

    Jul 24th, 2013

    Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai III

  26. chathana

    Jul 25th, 2013


  27. itsroveyawll

    Sep 25th, 2013


  28. Jokerz

    Nov 3rd, 2013

    In the Manga the girl with the knife was Fiore of Vintage why did they changed it to Lune of Vintage

  29. Griffin

    Jan 2nd, 2014


  30. Griffin

    Jan 2nd, 2014

    it’s very Good

  31. valleytoro

    Feb 17th, 2014


  32. sasahara

    Mar 14th, 2014

    i love this anime

  33. Shemaru

    Feb 21st, 2015

    Are you sure thes is episode 1? They skip alot i mean what about all thes girl that one become smail like doll or other onec

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