The World God Only Knows III Episode 12 English Subbed

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30 Responses to “The World God Only Knows III Episode 12”

  1. toni bomba

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    wrong episode this is ep 11

  2. You'reAllIdiots

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    these guys do at least one thing wrong every week

  3. MusiZ

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    u guys it the right one, but use the 2nd minor not the first one :)

    T_T awesome ending T_T

  4. gangers

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    I feel pretty sad for him, in the end he actually liked one of them but couldn’t go out with her. i wonder would there be a ova for them, i would like him to get a second chance

  5. eddy

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    wait guys there mightt be a season 4

  6. eddy

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    wait guys there mightt be a season 4, so lets hope for it

  7. Andre

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    I love anime

  8. MusiZ

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    O.o after chihiro there an ending with keima mom wear a cowboy outfit…then that mean season 4 is the jupiter saga :D D i want it

  9. NukeMore

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    so lovely anime!!! one of my fav. I realy hope there will be another season…

  10. NarDog

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    Isn’t this episode 11?

  11. Jwomble

    Sep 23rd, 2013

    As muuch as i love this anime and wuld hate to see it end, I highly doubt there will be a new season just from how the manga is going theres pretty much no where to start back up without skipping important details……….but im sure there will be a few OVAs coming

  12. chathana

    Sep 24th, 2013

    I’ve waited a long time for season 3 and now it’s over, I want season. Have to be selfish here, I love this series.

  13. Animecon

    Sep 24th, 2013

    Season 4 here we come! Screw you jwomble!

  14. olympus

    Sep 24th, 2013

    the ending was kinda sad i hope there will be ovas

  15. kin

    Sep 25th, 2013

    the best end (TT.TT) & chihiro i love u <3

  16. itsroveyawll

    Sep 26th, 2013


  17. Jokerz

    Nov 16th, 2013


  18. OOKAmi

    Jan 6th, 2014

    feel bad for keima since he and elsie are still wearing the collar that means the contract is still on and that means no future with him and chihiro together. Wish they’d do something to at least “show” he got a happy end.

  19. iamromeo

    Jan 29th, 2014

    when will the nxt season be aired?

  20. putanginamo

    Apr 14th, 2014

    katsuragi keima is so stupid he didnt even realize what CHIHIRO will feel nah damn katsuragi…for me bad ending…i wish in season 4 keima could find the REAL wolrd girl that will make him happy….but damn i feel so bad for CHIHIRO…T_T

  21. TemperaryName

    Apr 20th, 2014

    You could see this heart break coming though. How he acted after he broke Chihiro ‘s heart on the roof, how he hesitated in saying that she had nothing to do with it, how he had the pick with him, and again on the roof when he couldn’t decide to kiss her or to leave her. If he didn’t care, then he wouldn’t have hesitated to. He loved her, but he also had obligations to Aymumi and Ellie, so he was forced to not only break her heart, but to deny himself the happiness that Chihiro brought him, he broke his own heart. That also why there most likely won’t be another season, how could you have him fake love for others when in reality he loves Chihiro?

  22. Dane

    May 22nd, 2014

    aww!!!!nakakabadtrip naman tong ending nato!!!
    i crued si hard and i keep repeating the song(yes!
    i got the guitar chords and lyrics!)
    i wish there’s a fourth season,but this time he
    conquers someone who is like him(always playing
    games to make herself happy,miserable reality
    which makes her give up on reality)but is oretty lonely and miserable
    lets see how he conquers that!!
    i wonder why the anime “The world God Only Knows”
    isn’t one of the top ten best animes,don’t you agree?

  23. crnr


    May 24th, 2014

    I knew it
    Keima’s bad end >..<

  24. crnr


    May 24th, 2014

    time to find a VN to fill the hole in my heart TT-TT

  25. crnr


    May 24th, 2014

    I’m pretty sure this have a manga can anyone share what chapter is this episode in ???

  26. ChristianGaming


    Jul 8th, 2014

    Last Episode of Season 3 = Chapter 189 ( I think)

    Spoiler Alert-

    Keima Confessed to Chihiro on Manga.

  27. Shemaru

    Feb 22nd, 2015

    He disint even know that chihiro love him in the firt place so what i feel pity on her but what cold he do? Just love and the end? That mean the hell comeig out and the world end first he have to finish hes job withgodness and loose soul and be free then he can love her and get back to his game

  28. Shemaru

    Feb 22nd, 2015

    If you dont like the ending ea of you can image the ending he want in his head and be the hero image the ending you want and what you see is the best for evreone and lead to the happenness for evreone in the futur good luck i already image the ending i need and like so i feel much batter you guys good luck

  29. LolHunter

    Jun 16th, 2015

    Katsuragi finally gave up on gaming life on the last scene!

  30. amir

    Apr 11th, 2016

    I hope this anime have a season 4….
    I want season 4

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