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"Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves."
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Episode Summary: Kotetsu tries to understand what is going on whilst evading the heroes, while Yuri becomes suspicious when he finds that there are no files on Kotetsu and that all data about Wild Tiger has been blocked. Meanwhile, Kaede is told the truth about Kotetsu being Wild Tiger and decides to head towards Stern Bild. Kotetsu is cornered by Karina and he tries to prove his identity by telling her things only the two of them would know, but she distrusts him with the arrival of "Wild Tiger"; however, it seems he was getting through to her beforehand, most likely because of her feelings for him. Yuri, believing in Kotetsu's innocence, appears as Lunatic and helps him escape. Kotetsu figures out that Maverick framed him and reunites with Ben, who gives him his old Wild Tiger suit. As Kaede reaches Stern Bild, she has a brief run-in with Maverick, unwittingly copying his power in the process. Donning his old suit, Kotetsu decides to call out the other heroes.

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