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"Fire is a Good Servant, but a Bad Master."
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Episode Summary: The criminals that Barnaby arrested on his first case are killed in prison by a mysterious blue flame, with Nathan "Fire Emblem" Seymore as the prime suspect. Kotetsu is dragged to the prison to help provide data, where he and Nathan witness another inmate being killed by the strange flames. Meanwhile, Barnaby investigates the mark of the Ouroboros that was worn by the murderer of his parents. Later, Kotetsu and Nathan are attacked by a mech armed with a powerful flamethrower. Although its controller escapes, Kotetsu recognizes the culprit as the repairman who planted the elevator bomb. Barnaby deduces that the bomber plans to kill anyone who saw his face at the scene, which includes Agnes. The heroes manage to save her and corner the culprit. Barnaby spots the Ouroboros mark on his neck, but the wielder of the blue flame, a mysterious NEXT, suddenly appears and kills the man.

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