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"Nana and Momo"

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Episode Summary: Nana, one of Lala's sisters, question Momo why all girls including Lala are attracted to Rito. After observing one whole day with Rito, Nana concludes that everyone is mistaken about Rito. Lala, Mikan, and Rito invite Nana and Momo to Hanami, but Momo turns them down, hoping to use this event to prove her statement about Rito. During the event, Momo summons an alien plant that releases pollen which will bring out everyone's true feelings. The pollen affects everyone except Lala and Rito. Nana does not feel convinced and forces the alien plant to release more pollen. The plant becomes possessed by its own pollen and captures Nana and Momo and later Lala. The plant drops Nana and Rito comes to the rescue, changing Nana's impression on Rito.

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