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"Draft / Metamorphose / Hand & Tail"

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Episode Summary: Yami and Yui confront with a senior, causing Yui to lose her panties. Yui tries to search for her panties while hiding the 'secret' from everyone. Everyone questions about Yui's behavior. Later, an incident with Oshizu and a dog exposes her secret to Rito, but a teapot knocks him unconscious before he realizes what he saw. Mikan finds Peke taking snapshots of new clothing while shopping. Suddenly, a stranger steals her bag. Mikan uses Peke's transformation to pursue the thief, who is actually an alien. When she finally confront him in Yami's clothes, Rito arrives at the scene. The thief tries to shoot down Mikan and Rito, but the real Yami defeats the thief. As Rito tries to explore Lala's cleaned-up bedroom, he accidentally activates one of Lala's invention, fusing his hand to Lala's tail. As Rito cannot get his hands off, he goes through a whole day of incidents, including a beating from Nana. During bedtime, Lala tells Rito she enjoyed being with Rito for a whole day. The effects wear off the next day, but Celine activates the invention, making her stuck to Rito's head.

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