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"Absolute Power (Level 6)"
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Episode Summary: Komoe explains to Index and Aisa what psychic ability is about using Schrödinger Theory with a chocolate box. Mikoto contemplates her past, when she attracted a group of doctors who told her that her ability may help people with muscle paralysis, only to later learn about her DNA being used to create clones for the military in Academy City and was horrified to witness how her sisters were used to fight Accelerator. Tōma confronts Mikoto about the experiment, where 20,000 clones of Mikoto would be used in lieu of 128 exact duplicates of her to fight against Accelerator in specific locations to advance him to Level 6. Mikoto reveals that she wanted to stop the experiment but felt helpless since every time she destroyed a research center related to the project, another would take over (the red X's on her map). When even Academy City had turned a blind eye against it, Mikoto came to believe sacrificing herself is the best solution to save the Sisters because the scientists no longer have Tree Diagram (which Index had destroyed) to recalculate the values for the experiment. Frustrated that Tōma will not let her have her way, she shocks him over and over again as he convinces her to live because dying won't save her sisters. When Tōma is able to get up again after she thinks she's killed him, Mikoto is moved to tears as Tōma passes out while trying to think of alternatives toward ending the experiment.

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