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"One-Way Road (Accelerator)"
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Episode Summary: Misaka 10032 arrives at a Goods station, where she prepares for the upcoming battle with Accelerator, and wonders why is she thinking about Tōma during this time. Meanwhile, Komoe continues to tell Index and Aisa about how psychics acquire their powers by separating them from proper reality and making their own reality and that Academy City's purpose is to facilitate this process, though Level 0s like Tōma indicate the process has not yet been perfected. Tōma reawakens after his battle with Mikoto and tells her his solution to ending the experiment: as the weakest Level 0, he needs to defeat Accelerator, the strongest esper, to prove the experiment's underlying purpose as wrong. Despite Mikoto's attempts to make him reconsider (particularly in light of his injuries), Tōma leaves to find Misaka and Accelerator. Accelerator and Misaka begin their battle after a short conversation and Misaka is quickly defeated. Tōma arrives to save her, much to her confusion over why he wants to do that, and Accelerator is impressed that Tōma does not fear his power. Accelerator overpowers Tōma but is shocked and enraged when his power is unexpectedly canceled by Tōma's right hand. When the fight causes several containers to release huge quantities of flour into the air, Tōma is forced to run as Accelerator sets off a dust explosion.

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