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"Strongest vs. Weakest"
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Episode Summary: Having survived the explosion, Tōma is found by Accelerator, who is impressed that Tōma has managed to actually bring him so close to death. Tōma lands a hit on Accelerator, realizes his Imagine Breaker is able to nullify the latter's powers, and continues to physically beat the esper up with his right hand. Accelerator breaks away and begins to manipulate the air to launch projectiles at Tōma, who is saved when Mikoto arrives. However, she realizes that Accelerator is creating a plasma attack by controlling the direction of the wind and condensing it into one place. Finding the injured Misaka 10032, she convinces her to tell the other Sisters to increase the city's wind turbines to disrupt the wind Accelerator needs for his attack. Unable to form his plasma storm, Accelerator tries to make a final lunge at Tōma, who knocks him out with a punch before fainting. When Tōma wakes up, he is in the hospital with Misaka, who explains that the experiment has been halted and that all the surviving Sisters will be sent away to be treated for their shortened life-spans but promises to meet him again someday. In the morning, he is visited by Mikoto, who thanks him for saving the Sisters, and then by a worried and annoyed Index, who wants him to come to her for help next time.

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  1. kate

    Apr 14th, 2013

    lol i like this anime but i hate it how he only fights by punching :/ i hope he gains new powers

  2. kisekina

    Apr 25th, 2013

    Trus story (ˆ̀⌣ˆ́)

  3. sao


    Sep 8th, 2013

    I swear is that cat heavy duty or something? I mean it lasted through electric bolts and it acts like its nothing.

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