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"Angel Fall"
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Episode Summary: Because of Tōma's interference with the Level 6 experiment, Komoe sends Tōma (with Index tagging along) off to a beachside hotel until things calm down with Academy City's superiors. Tōma is anxious about the trip, as his parents will be coming to see him for the first time since his memories were destroyed, but is relieved to see his father, Touya. However, when his cousin Otohime looks like Mikoto and his mother, Shiina, resembles Index, Tōma is convinced they are playing a trick on him. He becomes increasingly confused when he sees the towns people and people on TV appearances have been changed, even some to those he knew and he apparently is the only one who notices the difference. When Tōma encounters a strange blonde girl and believes she is one of his past acquaintances, she holds a saw to his neck until Tsuchimikado and Kaori arrive and explain that Tōma is not responsible for a spell known as "Angel Fall". The girl, Misha Kruezhev, a magician from Annihilatus of the Russian Orthodox Church, and the group explain to Tōma that, because he was unaffected, he is at the center of Angel Fall, which has changed everyone's appearances and can be ended only by defeating the caster or destroying the ritual site. When Tōma demands to know why Tsuchimikado is involved with magic and knows about Tōma's powers, the latter calmly responds that he is a spy for Necessarius.

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