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"Father (Tōya Kamijō)"
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Episode Summary: Since Tōma is unaffected by Angel Fall, Kaori and Tsuchimikado suggest the caster must be someone close to Tōma. To investigate the source of the spell, the three magicians join Tōma at the hotel with Index and Tōma's family. However, though Tsuchimikado and Kaori were able to cast a counter-spell against Angel Fall, they remain affected, as Tsuchimikado appears to others as a famous pop singer and Kaori resembles Stiyl. Tsuchimikado reveals he used to be an Onmyōji before becoming a psychic and Kaori is a Catholic Saint who can use "Stigma", the ability to temporarily use God's powers, and was formerly the leader and priestess of a group of Japanese Catholics called the Amakusa Catholics. However, she left the group because she resented that her fate since birth was to become their leader and has since despised the concept of luck and fortune. The next day, suspicious arises on Misha when Tōma reveals to the other two on how she was afraid to touch his right hand and knows a lot more about Angel Fall firsthand. Tōma and Tsuchimikado decides to chase after Tōma's mother and Misha when Shiina insists on returning home (as she forgot to lock the door). Upon inspecting the contents of Tōma's house, Tsuchimikado realizes a spell is in effect and Tōma realizes that his father's appearance has not changed from Angel Fall upon seeing his family photos. Racing back to the hotel, Tōma confronts his father, the caster of the spell.

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