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"The Witch Hunting King (Innocentius)"

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Episode Summary: The magician introduces himself as Stiyl Magnus and explains that his partner Kaori unintentionally hurt Index as her magical garb was supposed to stop the blow. His mission was actually to 'protect' Index (actually the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum, the 103,000 books implanted in her mind) as she possesses photographic memory. Angered by Stiyl's ill treatment of Index, Tōma attacks him, to which Stiyl responds by using fire magic and is surprised when Tōma nullifies the spell. To stop Tōma, Stiyl summons a fire creature known as Innocentius; when Tōma finds himself unable to negate the creature, Index's Johann's Pen mode reveals it is because Innocentius' power comes from runes placed around the building. Tōma defeats Stiyl and Innocentius by setting off sprinklers to wash away the runes and rescues Index. However, because of Index's wounds and Tōma's inability to use magic (due to him being an esper), he brings Index to the only non-esper he knows: his teacher, Komoe Tsukuyomi.

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