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"Statue (Golem)"
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Episode Summary: Sherry Cromwell begins her assault on Academy City to start a war between it and Necessarius. As a result, Tōma, Index, and Hyōka are locked in an underground shopping complex before they can be evacuated with everyone else. Mikoto and Kuroko find them and Kuroko teleports Mikoto and Index, who both become suspicious of the other's relationship with Tōma, away first. When Tōma hears an explosion, he goes to confront Sherry, who has defeated the Anti-skills led by one of his school teachers, Aiho Yomikawa, and leaves Hyōka to wait for Kuroko to return. As he tries to fight Sherry's Golem Ellis, Hyōka arrives but is hurt, and Tōma ends up seeing a prism-like object in her head. When she flees, Sherry decides to pursue her, while Tōma gets a call from Komoe, who explains that Hyōka's is an artificial being created from the city's psychics' AIM dispersion fields. Meanwhile, Hyōka manages to regenerate her face, but Sherry, who knows Hyōka isn't human (much like her golems), insults her by calling her a monster and is about to crush her when Tōma appears and saves her.

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