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"Perfect Memorization"
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Episode Summary: Kaori demands that Tōma hand over Index; when he refuses, she beats him easily and reveals that she is also a member of Necessarius. She goes on to say that Index is a dear friend and that she hadn't intended to hurt her during her earlier attempt to secure Index as she was unaware of the damage Tōma made to Index's magical garb. Since the entire Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum takes up 85% of Index's memory, the remaining 15% needs to be regularly erased each year to save Index from straining her mind with unnecessary memories. With only three days left before the limit is reached, Kaori again demands Tōma to hand Index over since she won't recall him. Tōma refuses, instead asking Kaori why she doesn't explain everything to Index. However, the question enrages Kaori, who reveals how she and Stiyl tried everything to ensure Index would remember them, but with each successive failure, it became unbearable to see her smile. Tōma criticizes them for not considering Index's own feelings each time her memories were erased and questions why Kaori became strong and who she wishes to protect. Tōma wakes up three days later in Komoe's apartment in the care of Index; when Stiyl and Kaori arrive, Index tries to protect Tōma by promising to do as they ask.

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