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"Fantasy Killer (Imagine Breaker)"
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Episode Summary: Tōma struggles to stop the St. George's Sanctuary spell activated by Index (which destroys an Academy City satellite) and reveals to Stiyl and Kaori, who are stunned to see Index using magic when she supposedly doesn't know how, that Necessarius lied to them concerning Index's condition. Convincing them that destroying the magic responsible for Index's pain will allow her to live a normal life, Tōma is able to disable Index's Johann's Pen mode with help from Kaori and Stiyl. However, St. George's Sanctuary remains in effect and Tōma is rendered unconscious when a feather from the spell touches his head. At the hospital, Index learns that Necessarius will leave her alone for now since Kaori and Stiyl are now questioning why the Church lied about her condition. More troubling to Index, she learns from a doctor that Tōma's memories have been destroyed since the spell destroyed his brain cells. When she goes to see him, he fails to recognize her, but brushes it off as a joke and explains that he canceled the spell with his right hand's ability, now called "Imagine Breaker". After Index leaves, Tōma and the doctor converse, revealing that Tōma actually recalled nothing at all but did not want to burden Index and other people with his condition and feels that his memories still remain in his heart. Two weeks later, Stiyl meets the ruler of Academy City, Aleister Crowley, and to keep the Status quo of non-interference between Science and Magic, Aleister "lends" Tōma to Stiyl for an assignment to rescue "Deep Blood", someone capable of killing vampires, from a magician in Academy City.

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