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"Vampire Killer (Deep Blood)"
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Episode Summary: Tōma and Stiyl arrive at Aureolus's office where Izzard, Aisa, and a sleeping Index greet them. Stiyl reveals that Aureolus was Index's partner three years ago and was devastated that her memory needed to be erased. He subsequently went into hiding for betraying the Catholic Church to perfect his power, Ars Magna, which he intends to use with Aisa's powers to save Index by turning her into a vampire, which will overcome Index's one-year life expectancy. Realizing that Aureolus is unaware that Index has already been saved, Stiyl reveals Aureolus's plan as pointless since Tōma had already succeeded using his Imagine Breaker. Outraged with the revelation, Aureolus turns his Ars Magna against Tōma, Stiyl, and Aisa; however, Aureolus's reality-distorting magic finds itself useless against Tōma's Imagine Breaker. When Tōma realizes that Aureolus's ability cannot alter reality, but make Aureolus's thoughts come into it, he manipulates Aureolus into changing him into a monster to end the fight. Tōma winds up in the hospital again to have his right arm reattached after the battle with Stiyl visiting him and explaining Aureolus's fate. He disappears when Index and Aisa come to visit, and Index reveals the Church (as in Index herself) will now take care of Aisa. When Aisa learns why Tōma saved her life, she smiles at him.

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