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"Armed Group (Skill-Out)"
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Episode Summary: Despite her abilities, Awaki finds herself at a disadvantage as Ritoku is using stolen military weapons including an exo-suit called 'Hard Taping' which gives him incredible speed and strength. After defeating her, Ritoku then confronts Accelerator, using a chaff grenade to interfere with his Misaka Network link. However, Accelerator manages to use a pistol to clear the air and land a shot on him, thanks to Awaki's assistance. After killing Ritoku, Accelerator decides to do some overtime and encounters a drunk Misuzu, who is searching for the Dangai University database center for a report. After sending her off in a taxi, where she exchanges numbers with Tōma, Accelerator is contacted by GROUP's mysterious head, who reveals that they have hired the Skill-Outs to kill Misuzu as she is the Parent-Student representative who are attempting to take their children out of Academy City before the impending war. When they cut off his powers after he refuses to help the Skill-Outs, Accelerator decides to head to Dangai University to rescue Misuzu despite spotting Tōma, who also goes there to save Misuzu after she called him for help. Thanks to Accelerator's unseen aid, Tōma is able to escape with Misuzu from the Skill-Outs, only to confront by one of them named Shiage Hamazura. Shiage is desperate to kill to Misuzu as the City's higher-ups will exterminate the Skill-Outs if they fail but Tōma berates Shiage's ideals of trampling over other lives and knocks him out. As Tōma is admitted into hospital, Mizusu admits she came to take Mikoto home, but feels safe knowing there are people like him to protect her. Accelerator later meets with the rest of GROUP who reveals the order on Misuzu's life has been canceled and the four of them decide to work together so they may one day take on the higher-ups. As each of the characters spend the night in their own ways, Hyōka and Index visit the injured Tōma.

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  1. kate

    May 20th, 2013

    wow it ended like this srly =.= i wanted to see if he actually got stronger or something instead of always 2 hit ko-ing everyone he fights i regret watching this anime so much >_>

  2. lurkinggood

    Jul 17th, 2013

    His ability to neutralize esper power and bring things down to an equal, physical level WAS his power. His basic kindness and decency, combined with his willingness to fight the raw power of both magic and science, was the only hope for his imagined world where everyone can smile.

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