Tokyo Kushu Episode 4 English Subbed

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12 Responses to “Tokyo Kushu Episode 4”

  1. Zygna


    Jul 24th, 2014

    oh yea

  2. PlainGood

    Jul 24th, 2014

    haha xD

  3. klamens

    Jul 24th, 2014

    fck tht guy

  4. samuraisone

    Jul 24th, 2014


  5. nouf

    Jul 24th, 2014

    the anime is not following the manga confusing **

  6. GURUu

    Jul 24th, 2014

    tsukiyama shu would end up smelling kaneki’s pantsu >:3

  7. eddydadi

    Jul 24th, 2014


  8. Jwomble

    Jul 26th, 2014

    They skipped a whole arc it was a good one too

  9. XYUKI

    Jul 28th, 2014

    maybe the arc which is skipped will be end up being an OVA

  10. Amuchin

    Jul 28th, 2014

    why must they cut off the awesome scenes in the manga TwT

  11. BetrayerX

    Jul 31st, 2014

    I FUCKING HATE Funimation and its damned censorship.

  12. Dayana

    Apr 13th, 2015

    Hello :3

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