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"Your Song"

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Episode Summary: On the way to school, Taiga complains about Ryūji being nitpicky about the laundry. They walk past a baseball field and observe Minori playing. After Ryūji's rice cooker breaks, Taiga takes him to a nearby family restaurant where Minori is working part-time. Minori tells him that she has several part-time jobs, but he later wonders if there is a reason why Minori needs money. The next day, Ryūji and Taiga run into Minori at another of her part-time jobs, and the two help out for the day, despite Taiga wanting to back down from the start. The boss is being unfair towards Taiga by ordering her to carry and deliver beer cases despite her height. To counter her inability to ride a bicycle during a delivery, Taiga pushes the bike along the road. Ryūji and Minori get locked inside the storehouse, and Ryūji starts to learn more about why Minori is often so cheerful.

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