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"For Whose Sake?"

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Episode Summary: Taiga and Ami are to compete in a 50-meter swimming race: if Ami wins, Ryūji will go to her villa over summer break, leaving Taiga alone. Ryūji helps Taiga practice. After Ryūji insists that she wants to win for Yūsaku and that he would go to Ami's villa alone if she wanted, Taiga is furious and refuses to compete. Taiga shows up last minute for the competition. When Taiga's leg cramps during the race, Ryūji jumps into the pool to stop her from continuing. However, Taiga declares that she wants to win for him, so Ryūji lets her go. When Taiga is pushing for the lead, a few boys are pushed into the pool and Ryūji is knocked out. Realizing that Ryūji is in danger, Taiga turns around and goes to save him, losing the match. Afterwards, Ryūji regains consciousness to see a shaken and angry Taiga who screams that Ryūji is hers. As a result of Taiga losing the bet, Ami gets to take Ryūji to her villa, but Taiga, Minori and Yūsaku insist on going too.

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  1. Dede

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    Please. Put these videos on YouTube because people want to watch this too and we can’t because it not English dubbed and I can’t watch it here either because I have an iPod and it wont let me watch videos here. So please but these videos on YouTube because I really want to watch this anime so badly!.

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    i agree with Dede my laptop constantly crashes itd be nice to watch on my ipod

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    May 1st, 2013

    Well we could just download it and sync it and watch it on our iPods.. :-)

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