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"You Shall Go to the Sea"

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Episode Summary: After Ryūji and Taiga have a nightmare about being married to a begging Ryūji, Taiga decides to create a plan to prevent it from coming true, by holding a badminton contest against Ryūji to see who will "support the other side." Ryūji wins and Taiga agrees to help him with a plan to get Minori closer to him by scaring her. They, along with Minori, Yūsaku, and Ami, finally arrive at Ami's villa and while Ryūji cleans the house, the others went to the beach and play. After dinner, Ryūji and Minori talks about love and ghosts outside while having ice cream. The two go back inside and Taiga orders Ryūji to make a midnight snack since she is still hungry. The two of them goes back to their rooms, and Ryūji finds strands of hair and a sticky substance on his bed, while one of Taiga's dresses is covered with the same substance as Ryūji's. Banging sounds emerge from the door and the balcony as the two grip each other in fear.

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  1. Momo

    Sep 6th, 2012

    I think taigas gonna start liking Ryuuji

  2. hldcstr

    Mar 17th, 2013

    i like where this is going

  3. P.Rican414

    Jan 12th, 2014

    The beginning put a smile on my face lol

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