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"Struggle to the Death! The Defense of Ibaraki Prefectural Exhibition"
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Episode Summary: Tezuka gets information from his brother that the Media Betterment Act agents will only fight at the art exhibition for a single day, which helps the Library Corps prepare for the assault. Three hours before the exhibition opens, MBA task force units comes crashing in and the defense force holds them back even after the MBA agents try to storm the barricade with full force. Their aggression forces LDF soldiers and officers to kill them, breaking their own policy of using firearms to pin them down. MBA personnel retreat after Kasahara angrily fires at them. A lone MBA agent shoots Genda as he stands in front of the piece of art work the Library Corps was defending before unarmed LDF soldiers apprehend him. At the same time, the head of the Ibaraki library Commander Sugawara tries to destroy some implicating evidence against her. When Dojo attempts to interfere, he gets shot in the arm and caught in the resulting fire as Kasahara looks on after detaining the head librarian.

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