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"The Library is for Who's Sake?"
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Episode Summary: Public criticism on the LDF, due to the massive MBA casualties, begins to grow against the LDF until Kasahara is ambushed by a reporter. Kasahara tells the reporter that the people should not be oppressed due to the MBA and their pro-censorship activities. Due to this, public criticism against the LDF dies down and instead, support grows thanks to pro-LDF media and Tezuka's older brother works in the background to eliminate anti-LDF bias. Dojo is diagnosed with agnosia due to his injuries in the Ibaraki shootout, but later recovers. Inamine decides to step down due to the discovery of radical elements in the MBA that were responsible for undermining the Mito Library Base. Genda has been promoted by the LDF's Administrative Faction as the Kantō LDF base's second commanding officer.

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