Toshokan Sensou Episode 6 English Subbed

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"Library Corps Refrain from Firing"

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Episode Summary: Kasahara, along with Lt. Komaki, are on a mission to transport a rare, valuable book back known as the "Book of Prophecy" (a reference to Fahrenheit 451) to the base, when they are attacked by the Media Betterment Act troops. One of the troopers fires at Komaki, injuring him, which causes Kasahara to reprimand the shooter telling him, he had no right to shoot in a neutral territory and that she would punch him for violating the agreement. Komaki escapes with Kasahara despite his injury and takes temporary refuge in a stationary train. They are eventually caught, during which time, Komaki mentions how Dojo as a trainee, punched a MBA trooper who fired a shot at a child, leading to a fist fight between the two factions. At this point, Komaki and Kasahara are rescued by Dojo and his troops. Komaki mentions to Kasahara, that despite everything, Dojo learns from his mistakes, and that is something Kasahara must consider learning from Dojo. Kasahara comes back to the dormitory and sees the twenty missed messages on her cell from a very worried Shibasaki.

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