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"Okay, Splashy Splashy"

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Episode Summary: While walking back to Shin'ichirō's house, Hiromi tells him about her crush on Noe's brother, which hurts Shin'ichirō. The next day, he leaves early in order to avoid Hiromi. Later, Aiko approaches him while he is resting on the seawall, and she eventually persuades him to go shopping with her. At lunch, Shin'ichirō tells Aiko about her giving him false hope in his relationship with Hiromi. Aiko tries to cheer Shin'ichirō up, but to no avail. When he goes home, Hiromi asks Shin'ichirō if he is avoiding her because of what happened, and Shin'ichirō replies in a way that hurts them both. The following day, Noe drags Shin'ichirō around town and explains why she is gathering tears, and in the process manages to cheer Shin'ichirō up. In the morning, Shin'ichirō apologizes to Hiromi for the events of the previous day. Concentrating on the apology, he accidentally uses face wash instead of toothpaste when brushing his teeth; Hiromi and Shin'ichirō both laugh at this. Shin'ichirō is happy he was able to make her laugh. As he is walking out of his house, Noe's brother is waiting for Shin'ichirō and introduces himself as Jun Isurugi. They exchange greetings, and Shin'ichirō is stunned when Jun asks him to go out with Noe.

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