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"Destinies Converge"
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Episode Summary: When Syaoran returns to his home for a change of clothes after studying the ruins, he meets his childhood friend Sakura, the princess of Clow Kingdom (玖楼国 Kurō Koku?). She convinces him to stay longer, and the two wander the town shopping together. At the end of their excursion, she attempts to confess her love for him, but is interrupted and forced to return to the castle. When Syaoran returns to the ruins, he is surprised to find Sakura there. A mysterious force begins to draw her into the wall and causes her memories to manifest themselves in the form of feathers. When he pulls her to safety, her memories scatter across the dimensions. The priest Yukito tells him to seek out the help of the Dimensional Witch and sends the two to the dimension in which she resides. Upon arriving there, two others soon follow: Kurogane who is exiled from his dimension for killing excessively and Fai D. Flourite who is running away from the king of his dimension.

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