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"Sorrowful Miracle"
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Episode Summary: The group land in a beautiful place named Tsarastora Country (ツァラストラ国 Tsarasutora Kuni?). Sakura tells Syaoran what memory she got from the last feather, while Kurogane and Fai talk about how brave Syaoran is. Sakura asks Mokona to call Yūko for her; she then gives her a hand-made dress as a White Day present. The Dimensional Witch reminds Fai, Kurogane, and Syaoran that they still owe her something too. Mokona senses one of Sakura's feathers, and they find it encased in a horn-shaped rock. Syaoran tries to cut it open; they shortly discover that it is the horn of a dragon which starts to attack them. The group discovers that they have returned to the world where Sakura brought back all the people who died trying to get to the top of the temple. They also find out that the god of the temple said that the people who have been brought back to life will die again on the next new moon. After obtaining the feather, they take it to the shrine to try and keep the people who are disappearing alive. However, the god tells them it is not possible, and Sakura receives another one of her memories.

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