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"A Young Man's Resolve"
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Episode Summary: The group lands in a new world named Portoria Country (ポルトリア国 Porutoria Kuni?) in the middle of the ocean, where they see a ship. Soon they speak to the captain who says that he is short of men and asks them to help him. Syaoran is introduced to a young boy who looks after the ship's engine, and finds out this is a younger version of his father, Fujitaka. Shortly thereafter, huge winds cause massive waves to pummel the ship, and Syaoran and Fujitaka are thrown overboard. They wash up on a deserted island (called Lagosta Island), seemingly in the middle of nowhere. They find some ruins and Syaoran is able to read what is written. The ancient writing warns them of a long, slender being. Meanwhile, Kurogane, Fai, Mokona and Sakura decide to check the island for Syaoran and Fujitaka, who make it through a dangerous cave to get to the other side (and become visible to the ship). As the rescue boat arrives, a long, slender monster attacks them. Kurogane is able to defeat it with one swipe of his sword. The episode ends with Syaoran realizing that the sea monster was what the ruins warned him about.

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    Apr 24th, 2014

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    Still on the run!

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