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"A Date with a Wizard"
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Episode Summary: The group arrives in the next world named Fort City Bit (城塞都市ビット Jōsai Toshi Bitto?) only to find its main technique is magic. They go to a cafe where they meet this world's version of Tōya and Yukito. There they learn that once a year everyone in the town has a dream of one person. That person then becomes ruler of the country, with all their previous memories temporarily erased, for the next year. This year, however, it seems that the new Queen has turned the country into a never ending night. This possesses a problem, because all the magic needs sunlight. The group then plans to storm the castle to find out why the queen won't lift the shield. As their luck goes, they get captured and sent to the dungeon. Fai and Sakura manage to run while Syaoran and Kurogane beat off their attackers. Fai and Sakura reach the top floor and stumble into the room of the Queen. It turns out that this world's Queen is Chī; someone who looks like Fai's mother. Chī and Fai manage to escape, but they are being pursued by the guardians of the ruler: Kotoko and Sumomo, as well as their magic guards.

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