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"The Origins of Ashura"
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Episode Summary: They arrived in Shara Country (紗羅ノ国 Shara no Kuni?), to their surprise, they were separated. Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona had been transported into a girl's troupe, while Fai and Kurogane being transported into a shrine which only being run by men. The girl's troupe, called the Suzuran troupe, asks Syaoran and the others to join them. While at the shrine, called the Soseki shrine, Fai and Kurogane had been asked for assistance by the leader of the shrine to protect the shrine. Then they told both of the respective groups about the tale of Ashura, the goddess, and Yasha, the god, when they realized the unique statues of Ashura and Yasha. They realize that there is something else to do with the leaders of both shrines.

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