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"Endless War"
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Episode Summary: After witnessing the secret meeting of the two leaders, Sakura says that she feels sorry about their situation and they head to the shrine of Ashura to pray for their happiness. But before they reach the temple however, an earthquake starts up and the whole country shakes. Outside the shrine Sakura glows and opens the door to reveal the Ashura statue surrounded by fire, where Fai and Kurogane are, the Yasha statue is surrounded by ice. As the sky cracks to open into another world, caused by Mokona, the Suzuran troupe arrive and bend over the statue hoping that the earthquake is not Ashura's fault. Her tears fall onto the statue and it flashes and both statues clear the confusion above their heads so that the other world can be seen clearly. Mokona then transfers them into that world, but they are still separate. Sakura and Syaoran end up on a battlefield with a being who is identical to the statue and who bears the same name. She is fighting with Yasha who is accompanied by Fai and Kurogane.

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