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"Love that Transcends Time"
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Episode Summary: On the moon castle Ashura kills Yasha, he fades away and one of Sakura's feathers is left. Sakura joins him on the castle and Ashura explains to them. Yasha had died a long time ago, the feather created an illusion to replace him. When Ashura and Yasha were fighting, Ashura somehow managed to wound him in his eye even though they were equal. This was because Yasha was ill. One day he came to Shura castle. It was impossible to meet him anywhere but on the moon castle. It was his soul, Yasha had died. He came to say goodbye to Ashura before leaving for the next world. Then the feather came to replace him with a mirage. This was painful for Ashura to see him even though he had passed away. Ashura returns the feather to Syaoran. She stands up and plunges her sword into the ground to claim the moon castle to grant her wish. The castle simply begins to crumble because her true wish, to have Yasha brought back can never be fulfilled as there is no way to revive the dead. Syaoran and company make it back but Ashura wishes to stay behind. She makes one last wish to the Time-space witch. To have her and Yasha as the gods of the next world, to prove that not even gods can do everything. Syaoran asks the Ashura clan to bury the two together and not apart as he and the others are taken back to Shara. It turns out Fai and Kurogane were pretending to be ones from another world so Syaoran would fight Kurogane to improve his sword skills. They find Shara very different as the two sides are no longer opposing each other, The two statues are together and a wedding is taking place.

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