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"Faraway Homesickness"
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Episode Summary: They search the kingdom for any living things that appear. They realized it is just one of Sakura's memories that being visualized by the power of the feather. Syaoran decided to go into the ruins excavation that he had his research on. He found out the wing symbol which is a door that once had taken Sakura's feather may have a secret. Syaoran and Kurogane decided to go deep behind the door and encountered the guardian of the book. While they battling the guardian, Syaoran's right eye makes him go berserk and Syaoran defeats the guardian. He takes the feather out from the book. Kurogane realized there is something wrong is happening to Syaoran. When they come up again, Syaoran gives the feather to Sakura. This triggers the library alarm and they decided to flee from there. Fai uses his 'magic' by whistling, creating the magic barrier in order to protect them and enabling Mokona to transport them into another world. To their surprise, they ended up in Rekord Country. This anime episode is different from the manga which actually this event leads to Tokyo Arc (Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations).

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