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"The Fifth Oath"
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Episode Summary: Syaoran and the others are trying to find the way out from the librarian guards. They decided to hide in the library as no one will expect them to be there. But their expectation was wrong because their location can be found by sensing the feathers' power. Kurogane wants to use the Book of Memories on Syaoran to discover his past, but through a mix-up, Syaoran ends up seeing more of Kurogane's past: as he vowed his fifth oath to Princess Tomoyo when she gave the Ginryū to him. The oath is to protect the person that is precious to him no matter what. Kurogane keeps that oath and, together with Syaoran and Fai, they defeat the guard. In the end, the Rekord Country ruler thanks them for getting rid of the feather and they apologize for causing so much trouble. Syaoran and the others transport into another world after saying goodbye to the people of Rekord Country.

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