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"The Secret of Hijutsu"
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Episode Summary: Kīshim tells them that besides Koryo Country, there is another hidden country that is parallel to Koryo known as Kiishimu Country (キィシムの国 Kīshimu no Kuni?). The gate to go to the opposite world is at the river below the bridge, the same place where Sakura was possessed by Chu'nyan's mother. Kiishimu said that gate is the best because it has so many auras of hijutsu surrounded the area. When they are transported into Kiishimu Country, they realize the people of Kiishimu are being controlled by some device. They battling the guards and uncover the real culprit which is son of the Ryanban which rule Koryo Country before, possessing the power of the feather. Syaoran defeat him and takes the feather from his hand. He is then punished by Kiishimu. Kiishimu claims her rightful place as the ruler of Kiishimu Country. She told Chu'nyan that she had a great battle with her mother on the top of the bridge and admired Chu'nyan's mother for her great skill and heart of hijutsu. She also told Chu'nyan that the greatest magic of all is love. Chu'nyan promised herself to protect her country with her hijutsu she has and always help people that needed both on Koryo Country and Kiishimu Country. Chu'nyan thanks them again for their help and the group begins to transport into another world.

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