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"The Battle of the Mage"
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Episode Summary: Sorata and Arashi suggest that the feather is contained inside someone's Kudan and that such a Kudan would have to be quite powerful to be able to hold Sakura's feather. As the group ponder upon a method to carry out a search for such a Kudan, Shōgo's girlfriend, Primera, kidnaps Mokona and Masayoshi in order to attract more of Shōgo's attention leaving a letter of challenge for Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane. In spite of being unable to speak to each other as Mokona had been acting as a magical translator for them, they make their way to Hansin Castle. There, Primera offers to return the hostages if they agree to fight with her. Fai meets her challenge revealing his own Kudan that enables him to fly and wins the fight. When Shōgo arrives, Mokona declares that the feather is somewhere nearby. Shōgo challenges Syaoran to a battle to test his own strength.

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